Thursday, April 19, 2012

I posted  a Romney "Meltdown" chart with transits and progressions at the Ron Paul forums a few days ago and it is beginning to manifest as forecast. Exposure of corruption and fraud and legal action are taking hold based on news at the forums. All indicative of revolutional changes. Here's the chart.

The Revolution Astrology blog idea springs from participating in a thread at the Ron Paul forums called "Charting the Rise of Ron Paul" at this link RPF:Astrology Charting the Rise of Ron Paul 

There's not much traffic and discussion there so this blog may play that role to make others aware of the significance of the Ron Paul Revolution which is part of the larger global shift that has been called the Aquarian Age of spiritual evolution.

Here's an artistic version of Dr. Paul's personal chart made a couple weeks ago and based on a rectified birth time of 7:45 AM for August 20, 1935 in Green Tree, PA.

 Another chart is the 'Campaign Chart' for when Ron Paul announced his run for president. In my view it is quite compelling in how accurate it portrays the Revolution Movement. This chart was made and posted in February and has only a few sketched out notes placed on it to appeal to the non-astrology reader.